Questions and Answers

    Where do you get the palm fronds? From the palm trees anywhere they grow.

    What about other animals? Most likely other creatures will appear. The animal kingdom is huge and beautiful, so any commissioned work is most welcome.

    Can the sculptures be shipped anywhere? Yes of course, the question is how and how much would it cost? Just like a live horse, the rendition may travel abroad and call it home.

    How long should it last? While there is no 20-year testimonial yet, every researched and recommended precaution has been taken to preserve the components, from meticulous selection of materials to tedious coating with waterproof sealant of every piece before and the entire beauty after assembly.

    What ongoing care should be given? A fresh coat of waterproof sealant either annually or biannually is suggested as well as possible protection from God’s most severe elements, such as heavy rain or monsoons. Having said that, the durability may be there for a century without such actions. We just don’t have the history to predict. A service charge for future preventative resealing will be available.

    Will the sculptor pursue further art degrees? Further education is never ruled out.

    Does size matter? Really? Most any size can be made as well as most poses. Head up or down, mama and foal. Just ask.

    How long does it take to make a commissioned horse? That depends on orders in progress as well as the size and complexity of the design. It could take as little as a week or up to two months.

    How can I be ensured of the authenticity? A certificate of authenticity is delivered with every sale including the serial number, which is also etched into the frame with the sculptor’s signature.